Tupolev TU 144, The Russian Concorde - Documentary

Tu-144 vs Concorde

Konkordski - Documentary - Tupolev TU-144

RARE TUPOLEV TU-144 LL RA-77114 Tupolev/NASA SST video

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Supersonic Tu-144 - Hard landing

Tupolew Tu-144

Engines Start Up Tupolev 154 RA 85535

Tu-154 cockpit footage during landing in Russia (and in Russian)

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TU154M Belavia, cockpit video from flight to Minsk..

CUBANA Cockpit IL-62, AN-24 & YAK-42

Tupolev TU134 Approach UBBN RW14R.avi

Tupolev TU134 Visual approach UMKK Khrabrovo RW06

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