Airline Simulator Assessment Testimonials

Hi there. I got the job. I’m delighted. I’ve no start date yet. Thank you again for all your help. The session with Colin the evening before was totally as expected and very helpful. It was far more in-depth that I was required to know for the sim flight, but that was the nature of the flat panel, because it is focussed on the navigation aspect, due to not having the flight controls. I was aware of that and totally happy with what a paid for and what I got. What I required the session for, and what I got out of it was that I was slightly more familiar with the scan and position of instruments and controls. I was very happy with everything as it stood. Hope to see you soon.

S. McCann

easyJet Assessment Preparation

I just wanted to say thanks again for your help! I passed the Corendon assessment on Feb 16 and then also passed the TUI Belgium assessment on their FB sim on Feb 21. So finally I even had a choice. I chose Corendon because they offered a 20/10 roster pattern over TUI Belgium with 2 x 5 OFF per month, and travel from Casablanca on OFF days, so not much time at home. Thanks Brod for your very clear instructions!

R. Schreiber

Corendon & TUI Assessment Preparation

Just wanted to provide you with some feedback from my sim assessment with BA last Wednesday. I just received an email informing me that I had been successful and awaiting a start date. I found manual handling the 767 better than I had thought. The prep that I did with Ed, albeit on the 737 was priceless in getting the scan going again. Tuning radials and setting intercepts was also a huge benefit.

S. Hiscock

British Airways Assessment Preparation

The sim was sooooo useful! It helped me get into the long haul hold pool; I'm just waiting on a start date which I think will be sometime in May. Would you please pass on my thanks to my instructor!

A Magenis

British Airways Assessment Preparation

I would like to let you know that I have passed the simulator assessment and have been offered a position at BA on the A320 with a start date in March! I felt that the preparation with your company was excellent, and went very well. I was very happy with the session, and I had an excellent fellow candidate. The CRM flowed and there was great support throughout in both directions. Thank you again and I would highly recommend your services and that of Brod to anyone who asks!

D. Telfer

British Airways Assessment Preparation

I’m really pleased to be able to tell you that I was successful at the Sim! It was (and I’m not just saying this) thanks entirely to the Sim that you ran for me! The tips (particularly the sensitivity of the VSI in the 767) were extremely valuable. The main thing that the Sim gave me was the ability to ‘set up’ the cockpit to my liking and therefore be able to retrieve the relevant bits of information in a timely fashion. That small degree of familiarity was extremely valuable! All the very best to you both and thank you.

W. Ricketts

British Airways Assessment Preparation

The full flight simulator before the BA sim was invaluable. It gave my partner and I some great handling practice. We both managed to get the job somehow! A special thank you goes out to Brod who was an excellent instructor. He had very sound advice and some great tips. Flying the 767 is a real handful. Here is some feedback I have written for some friends. I hope it helps. Thank you for all your help.

M. Burrows

British Airways Assessment Preparation

Aviation Insider prep was great. If I didn't attend I don't think I would have had a good understanding of the Lido plates and information on the plate types. All great really.

T. H. Gee

easyJet Assessment Preparation

Brod was great. Good banter and great advice not just for the sim, but for assessments and career. Just a big fat thank you for last minute sim session and getting me the job! Aviation Insider was great! I booked the sim very last minute and my instructor was very experienced and brilliant! Got the job so thank you guys.

N. Soni

TUI Assessment Preparation

I was prepared for the events, I'm not rated on the B738 so I tried not to get caught by surprise because I knew that SA and WLM during the Sim would have been affected by flying. The instructor was excellent, He knew what was the scenario, we prepared the session based on it and he added his expertise on the B738 to teach me how to avoid some common mistakes, especially if coming from Airbus.

L. Grossi

Norwegian Assessment Preparation

I found the instructor for Aviation Insider great! well paced and relevant. All the top tips are great 'Top Hat' etc! I've recommended you to 4 or 5 guys. All FO's.

D. Cadman

Jet 2 Assessment Preparation

All I can say is thank goodness I went for those sim preparation sessions with Aviation Insider, I was about to give up and thanks to the help of the instructors and the amazing facilities it didn’t feel too alien when walking in for my assessment. I’d hate to know what it would have been like if I didn’t prepare, so all I can say is thank you so much for your expertise and advise.

T. Williams

Flybe Assessment Preparation

Hi Guys, been a while since my sim session you organised for me so I thought I would catch up and let you know how it all went. The session with Colin was invaluable and informative and really allowed me to shine at my sim assessment for easyJet, this went really well and helped me land a place in the hold pool which they finally informed me about today.... Anyway that is how it worked out for me so thank you for your time in sorting that out for me, definitely will recommend to anybody that asks me for where to turn for sim and instruction time.

B. Leahy

easyJet Assessment Preparation