Simulator Refresher

What is a Simulator Refresher?

Simulator Refreshers offer you the opportunity to take to the controls all under the watchful eyes and guidance of our trained Instructor Pilots.

Every professional pilot has to go through proficiency checks every 6 months, So, for pilots who are still very low on hours, just out of flight school or haven’t been at the controls for other various reasons, keeping your skills current is crucial.

Many recently-graduated pilots forget the importance of regular simulator refreshers after completing their MCC.

Airlines will often ask applicants how many jet simulator hours and how many flying hours they have in the past 6 or 12 months. We recommend at least a 2hr Simulator Refresher every 2-3 months.

With our sim refreshers you can tailor your experience:

  • Big Jets: Flying large jet aircraft differs greatly from small light aircraft. Let your
    instructor take you through the basics of handling the big Jets.
  • Bad Weather: Landing an aircraft in bad weather is all part of the job for an airline pilot. Have a go at landing the big Jets in bad weather. Do you have what it takes?
  • Night Landings: Landing a large aircraft at night is very different from landing during daylight hours. The lack of visual cues makes it difficult for the pilot to assess where he or she may be in relation to the runway. Our instructors will take you through the techniques used by real airline pilots.
  • Create your own session by emailing us. We would be happy to try and accommodate your request.

What Locations do you fly from?

Burgess Hill

We have two simulator centres in Burgess Hill. You can fly the following aircraft at these locations: the 737 Classic, 737NG, 747 – 400 and Airbus A320


Our London Gatwick Simulator Centre is located 5 minutes from Gatwick airport. You can fly the following aircraft at this location: the 737 Classic, 737NG, and 757/767.


Our Manchester simulator centre is located at Woodford airport, just off the M60. You can fly the following aircraft at this location: the 737 Classic, B757/767 and the Airbus A320.

European Locations

European Centres include Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Contact us to find out more about these locations.

Grift Vouchers!

Our Gift Vouchers make for excellent gifts. They are valid for 12 months and can be redeemed at any of our locations. They allow the recipient to choose their preferred date, location and simulator type. Whats great is you can redeem the amount of any of our products in the store too!

With the eVoucher you will receive it instantly by email!


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