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Aviation Insider ATPL and Aircraft Revision notes offer a detailed system by system and subject by subject analysis. Created by pilots who have completed the ATPL subjects recently and have gone through the a320, B737 and Dash 8 Q400 type rating. 

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A320, Boeing 737 & Dash 8 Q400 Study Guides

The A320, B737 and Dash 8 Q400 Aircraft Study guide covers every essential system. The data is compiled from pilots and airline sources who have completed type ratings and are current on type.

This is a technical document is designed to enhance and supplement aircraft manuals for the Airbus a320 family, Boeing 737 family and Dash 8 Q400 aircraft for airline pilots who have or are anticipating attending their airline’s training for qualification. We also offer the a320 type rating question bank, Dash 8 Q400 Type Rating Question Bank and Boeing 737 type rating question bank designed to help you pass your type rating written test as well as refresh your type rating knowledge.

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