Airbus Revision Cards

A320 Limitations
A330 Limitations
A340 Limitations – Coming Soon
A350 Limitations – Coming Soon
A380 Limitations – Coming Soon

Our aircraft revision flashcards are structured into bitesize notes and topics to easily digest on the move or in the comfort of your own home. Scroll through hundreds of limitations, facts, figures, and statistics to help you study and stay ahead of the aircraft. Chopping up the most important and relevant content into flashcards allows our users to easily study at their own pace.

Our revision flashcards and easy to use and our aim is to produce airline-ready crew, thoroughly prepared for the demands of modern aviation. We believe in bringing theoretical knowledge to life, promoting deep understanding and equipping pilots with the best possible training. Whether you need to learn system facts, industry jargon, or simply to brush up and refresh your aviation knowledge.

Boeing Revision Cards

737-400 Limitations
737-800 Limitations
747 Limitations
757 Limitations 
767 Limitations – Coming Soon
777 Limitations
787 Limitations – Coming Soon

Embraer, Cessna & Bombardier Revision Cards

Q400 Limitations – Coming Soon
E135/145 Limitations – Coming Soon
E195 Limitations – Coming Soon
Citation X – Coming Soon

Aviation Insider’s content creation team has decades of experience in the industry. We have a vast knowledge of ATPL theory, aviation training, and airline knowledge. All our products are created in-house and totally bespoke for our website.

Our passion is to provide the highest quality study material for you to learn and revise from. We understand everyone absorbs information differently so that’s why we are always coming up with new ways to present our information that it will most benefit you. These flashcards will provide you with simple and digestible aviation content for you to remember.

Aircraft, Airport, and General Revision Cards

Airspace General
Oceanic Procedures
V Speeds Definitions
Aviation Security General
Winter Operations General
Low Visibility Procedures
Airport General and markings
Radio Telephony & Cap 413
SEP – Safety & Emergency Procedures
Weather decoding & Meteorology General
Command Prep & Leadership Decision Making


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Chopping up the most important and relevant content into flashcards allows our users to easily study on their devices and review content at their own pace. Whether you need to learn system facts, industry jargon, or simply to brush up and refresh your aviation knowledge. These flashcards will provide you with simple and digestible aviation content for you to remember.

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AIRCRAFT GENERAL - Operational Parameters

CEO: Maximum demonstrated crosswind (LANDING)?
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38 kt (Gust included)

AIRCRAFT GENERAL - Flight Manoeuvring Load Acceleration Limits

Load limits in clean configuration?
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-1 g to +2.5 g