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SkyPro Rose Clement Airline Crew Shoes


Heel height 4.5 cm / 1.8 inches
Leather lining Super soft Calf magic blue
Upper leather High quality upper leather
Toe type round toe
Midsole Ambicork Midsole, having a great thermal and dynamic behavior
Measurements Special crew extra measures
Origin Portugal
Sole Anti-skid nitrile natural rubber sole

Rose Clement is a classic court shoe. This airport friendly shoe was developed to reduce leg and back fatigue due to the innovative technology in the heel and inner soles. It is a perfect ground and in flight cabin shoe that combines beauty and comfort. Rose Clement includes all the features necessary in an airline shoe. These shoes are anti-skid, anti-static with an ambicork inner layer for optimal thermal control, and they do not set off the metal detector alarms. Rose Clement flight attendant shoes have a great structural support with perfect weight distribution. Amazing uniform shoes!


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Absolute Comfort

Absolute Comfort

Skypro crew shoes feature a combination of special shoe bottom materials with improved shoe construction procedures that include additional features as follows:

• Shock and heel strike absorption, by lessening the impact waves generated during walking, preventing musculoskeletal disorders.

• Improved flexibility, via a laminated structure of high performance materials that provide higher flexibility during movement and superior comfort.

• SKYPRO insoles are based on Poron technology, a special microcellular structure that possesses amazing features, which are as follows:

• When exposed to dynamic compression testing, does not lose more than 5% in thickness after 100.000 compression cycles;

• Breathable technology, allowing feet to breathe, while keeping a suitable temperature inside the shoe;

• Softness and resilience;

• Absorbing ground impact, moving up through the musculoskeletal system, and protecting your spine and joints.



To ensure crew safety, Skypro has put continuous effort into the development of an Anti-Skid System for the outsoles, whose main characteristics are:

• Innovative materials with suitable slip resistance;

• Specific groove orientation and design;

• Improved ground/shoe interaction.

Our crew shoes have a special track design for immediate adjustment to different platforms in any latitude. SKYPRO airline shoes provide you with the best protection wherever you are.



As there were no details to be left behind on SKYPRO’s professional footwear, we added cork – a fully natural and sustainable material, that has unique properties, such as lightness, thermal insulation, resilience, cushioning, good humidity control and good resistance to mould and mildew. In our crew shoes, a cork inner layer is applied onto the insole ensuring the user’s protection either in cold (snow or ice) or hot environments (hot airplane tracks), providing additional comfort to the feet, through a better thermal insulation.

Innocuous Leathers

Innocuous leathers

All the leathers used in SKYPRO shoes are tested at independent laboratories to ensure they are free of any dangerous substances (chromium, aromatic amines, Chlorophenols, Formaldehyde, Organotin compounds, FMFY and heavy metals). All of these affect human health as they can rapidly enter the body through the skin and cause illnesses such as dermatitis and eczema, or have adverse health effects which may include neurological damage and cancers.



Skypro crew shoes keep you safe from electric discharges. Our research team continues to develop a technology supported by specific materials with proven anti-static properties and a special shoe construction, which ensures a controlled dispersal of electric discharges, leaving the body and reaching the ground in safer conditions, and ensuring the users full protection against electrostatic discharges.



SKYPRO has developed airport-friendly shoes. Our researchers rethought the shoe models and developed an alarm-free technology which replaced the metal parts by integrating innovative composite materials that ensure the same physical and mechanical properties, and perform as common metal-based components. This supports and guarantees the shoe’s stability, especially in medium/high heels, by connecting the heel to the shoe forepart, providing a better plantar pressure distribution for improved comfort.


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