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‘Bigatmo’ Tropo Style Sunglasses with Alutra Photochromic Lens


Alutra Photochromic Lens

Intense color, supreme clarity.

For high contrast environments, Bigatmo high speed Alutra Photochromic lenses are the perfect choice of sunglasses.

Bigatmo sunglasses filter out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

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Bigatmo is in the vanguard of lens and frame technology. In the past, there was always a compromise. You could buy tough sunlenses with poor optical properties, or fragile sunlenses with excellent optical properties. Finding eyewear that had the frame characteristics that we were looking for was out of the question. We were determined to push the boundaries of sunglasses technology, and so we drew together a team of designers, scientists, optical experts and specialist manufacturers to work on development, and professional airline, display and air-race pilots to evaluate our progress. Through our three year adventure and all our development decisions, we kept our ultimate objectives firmly in perspective; our perception of the properties required to create the very best sunglasses available anywhere. The result – a collection of sunglasses with the most advanced technical specifications on the market, where compromise is out of the question.

Bigatmo Alutra lenses deliver a punchy view of the world with excellent vibrant colour acuity and high definition optics. The photochromic core is perfect for when you’re out and about moving between sun and shade, and also allows you to comfortably read instrument panels in high contrast environments like the flight deck when flying, or the dashboard when driving.


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