Pilot Training

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Airline Simulator Preparation

ASSESSMENT PREPARATION SESSIONS HAVE BEEN CREATED TO BE AS CLOSE TO YOUR REAL ASSESSMENT EXPERIENCE AS POSSIBLE. We’ll send out pre-assessment briefing material similar to the briefing you can expect to receive from the airline.

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Type Rating Question Banks

The Airbus A320, Boeing 737 and Dash-8 Q400 Type Rating Question banks are the number one technical exam preparation tool designed to get you up to speed with all elements of each syllabus.

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License Revalidation

V1 Aviation specializes in refresher training and preparation for license revalidations. You can prepare for your LPC/OPC or LOE sim check, in a professional and structured environment. We have a substantial fleet of simulators, covering many aircraft types. All of our simulators are level D certified.

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Bespoke Simulator Training

Training is provided by pilots and trainers currently operating for major European airlines. We never use student pilots or simulator pilots to conduct our training. You’ll always have the option of a TRI/TRE should you require one.

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Pilot Experiences

Throughout your simulator experience, you will be guided by an experienced airline training Captain. You will be surprised by the effortless maneuverability of the airliner. Up to two people can take part in each experience. You can share the flying, and act as a Captain and Co-Pilot Team.

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ATPL Unfreezing

As long as you are current on your specific aircraft type V1Aviation and its examiners are able to help you unfreeze your license. We have a substantial fleet of simulators, covering many aircraft types.

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Flight School Preparation

WE HAVE TEAMED UP WITH AIRLINEPREP – SPECIALISTS IN AIRLINE PILOT INTERVIEW & ASSESSMENT PREPARATION. If you have an airline pilot, flight school or airline cadet scheme interview & assessment then our Airline Pilot Interview and Assessment Preparation Courses are for you!

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Corporate Courses

At V1Aviation we offer engaging and exciting courses, designed to equip your team with the skills of decision making, workload and resource management, situational awareness and co-operation. Aviation leads the world in areas of non-technical skills.

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V1Aviation was born in early 2016 following a discussion about the need for good, honest and fairly priced airline assessment and recruitment preparation. As airline pilots we recognized that our training needed to be provided by current airline professionals – the only people who know how it feels to go through the airline recruitment gauntlet.

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Pilot Interviews

at AirlinePrep we offer an additional solution – the opportunity to practice and receive training for just the Interview scenario. Whether you have already passed the Pilot Aptitude Tests (Pilapt) or you only need to complete the final Airline or Cadet pilot interview, then this course is for you!

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Find a flight school

At Aviation Insider we have created a really simple and easy to use search tool. Click here to view hundreds of schools, Airlines and flight training organizations within the UK. Use our search tool to narrow down what you are looking for or just use it to see where your closest flight school is.

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Pilot Jobs

We give you up to date airline employment links. From there you have the option to go to the airline’s website and submit your application. Between Airline Prep, V1Aviation, Aviation Insider and pmFlight we have every step covered should you wish to prepare yourself for your interview, group exercise or simulator assessment.

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