Pilot Mentouring

What is a Pilot Mentour?

A Pilot Mentour is a paid service from current commercial pilots who have in-depth knowledge of 14 ATOs, across the UK, Europe, and Worldwide as well as in-depth knowledge of many European airlines and their recruitment processes.

What services are available?

At Pilot Mentour there are 3 services for those who are 1) aspiring to become commercial pilots 2) those already commercial pilots and are looking for their first job or first airline job 3) commercial pilots looking to change fleet or get to another location (generally home or abroad for a better paying job). Pilot Mentour has experience in General Aviation, cargo, and passenger operations.

What can Pilot Mentour offer to those aspiring to become commercial pilots?

Pilot Mentour can offer several services to aspiring commercial pilots. It is a long and expensive process to become a commercial pilot, there is no cut short way and it is full of trials and tribulations. Beware of these ‘Hero to Zero’ courses as they are often a trap as once you have started with a training organisation it can be extremely hard to leave particularly if you have made the mistake of paying a large deposit or thinking that schools closer to home are more convenient so the training is adequate. Pilot Mentour offers advice on either modular or integrated depending on your personal circumstances, age, finances, family, location etc. Pilot Mentour also offers our view on the best way to get 1) Your license as quickly as possible 2) As cheap as possible and most importantly 3) Best quality training possible so that when you get a sim check you pass and secure that first job! This is the hardest step as some people take many many years to get a job and skills decline over time. The hardest thing is keeping current as it cost so much!

Should I go modular or integrated?

Pilot Mentour puts out the options that are best for you. Where can you save money and most importantly time? Integrated is quicker right? Wrong! It can be longer in many cases due to the current backlog of ‘WhiteTail’ pilots. Pilot Mentour has come across pilots who paid the £100,000 plus for an integrated course that took them longer than some modular pilots and yet 5 years later they have no job often because they were ‘not good enough’ for the hold pool. Pilot Mentour has others as late as 51 who have paid £45,000 modular and secured right hand seat in a jet just after completing their license.

Is there any difference between a modular and integrated license?

Pilot Mentour says No!

Do you get bad flight instructors?

Pilot Mentour says Yes! Schools don’t actually care about your license, they simply have planes that have been leased through a finance company and need to be in the air to make money with an instructor sat beside you as much as possible. This is particularly evident in the UK, where flight instructors at most schools are hour building themselves to get hours and they only get paid when they are in the air. On a bad weather day, they earn no money at all! (this is a tough business are you sure your up for it?). This results in short or non-existent briefings and they often fly in marginal weather. The goal of a pilot student assisted by Pilot Mentour is to negate these traps while learning as much as possible in a cost-efficient manner to get a job as quickly as possible whether that be as an instructor, ferry or airline pilot.

Which Training school or ATO should I chose?

What school is best? Pilot Mentour have the in-depth knowledge tailored to your age, availability and most important for your location to provide you with a plan of how to achieve first time passes as efficiently as possible. What many keen pilots fail to realise is that airlines are simple a business which exisit to make as much money as possible for their shareholders not because they have a passion for flying! ATOs and many smaller flying schools are the same if not worse as they have very few sharehoders so the whole school can have a bad culture based on the management. Overcharging and poor quality aircraft are rife in many schools and some are more accident prone that others!

How do I get my first airline job?

Pilot Mentour has first hand experience with older candidates looking for that first job. Its not just getting your first airline job its getting onto a Cadet scheme, its like getting on a graduate scheme after University except its 100 times harder! There are very few schemes and some are better than others so Pilot Mentour can guide you were is hiring and get the best chance of getting that inteview and nailing the selection procedure.

How do I change fleets when I have 500 hours, 1,000 and the unfrozen ATPL at 1,500?

These hours are MAJOR milestones in a pilot career, so when is a good time to start looking elsewhere? Do I have to pay a bond back or pay another bond or Conversion Course even when I am rated on type. What is a good career path, Pilot Mentour can advise on what is best for you based on your circumstances on the current hiring market. Pilot Mentour has experience of different airlines, their rosters and will be able to advise you best.

Price £99 per each service

  • Process for Flight Training: This is a detailed response questionnaire filled in by yourself, followed by an intial 30 minute consultation on the phone with a report then emailed to you which details what we view is the best way and place for you to complete your pilots licence regardinging your personal and financial circumstances.
  • Application for First Job: The process is the same as above except we will detail, who is currently hiring and the current trends and align your application with the airlines that you are focusing on.
  • Application for Changing Fleets: Again similar process to the above but we will focus on your commercial hours and location/salary and be able to advise how and when to apply. Clearly once you have experience it is much easier to get a new job but the risk has to be calculated to what is most important to you. Salary, location, hours? We will assist you to get the best type possible for your circumstances.

Good Luck!

Pilot Mentour


Price: One-off fee of £99. 

Process: this is a detailed response questionnaire filled in by yourself, followed by an initial 30 minute consultation on the phone with a report then emailed to you which details what we think is the best way for you to achieve your pilot licence regarding your personal and financial circumstances and a path to lead you to the eventual ideal job.

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Our objective is to assist pilots and candidates wanting to get into the industry in making career path decisions and NOT to suggest, recommend or dictate which airline is best suited for applicants. Communication between mentor and mentee is derived from individual experience and perspective and does not represent Aviation Insider as a company. Said pilot applicants bear sole responsibility for all career path decisions and eventual outcomes thereafter.