Any client who purchases an airline simulator preparation session will receive a free 6 months Log Ten Pro subscription upon request. 

LogTen Pro is the world’s most advanced pilot logbook software for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Designed to take full advantage of the latest operating systems and Apple hardware, LogTen Pro is so much more than your logbook.

Getting started with LogTen Pro is simple. As soon as you launch the program, you can choose from a number of pre-set configurations that best suit the type of flying you’re doing whether you’re a student pilot, a certified flight instructor (CFI) or a commercial/airline pilot. And for those of you that prefer a custom configuration, setting it up is as intuitive as walking.

Coradine has been leading in electronic pilot logbook innovation since 2003. Whether it’s super fast flight logging with our Fly Now feature, detailed analysis of your flight time with the Analyze view, the fantastic Time Loupe that lets you view your currency and limits at any moment in time, past, present, or future, or our awesome new Night Mode that automatically switches to a dark color scheme at night to protect your night vision; LogTen Pro completely redefines the concept of a logbook, saving you time and helping you fly more safely.

One touch backups.

Backup. Restore. Relax. Nothing keeps your logbook safer than LogTen Pro. Backup your vital logbook data with a single tap, restore on any device connected to iCloud.

If you’re a commercial pilot, you’ll love our schedule importer feature in LogTen Pro on the Mac that enables pilots from over 100 airlines to import their schedules with just a few clicks. Now it’s easier than ever to keep your logbook up to date, and track your duty and rest requirements for FAR 117 or EU Ops while on a trip; simply import your schedule and it will sync to LogTen Pro on your iPhone or iPad for quick access wherever you are!

Create flights in seconds.

Lightning fast flight creation, right in the cockpit. Right before engine start, tap “Fly Now” and a new entry is logged with the current time for Out, the nearest airport is automatically set for your From airport, and LogTen Pro will grab aircraft and crew data from your previous flight.

When you land, simply tap the green location button to fill in your To airport, and tap the clock next to In to fill in your actual arrival time. Turn “Pilot Flying” on or off to log takeoffs and landings as appropriate, and you’re done!