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Aviationjobs.me is an online platform that offers ,24/7, job seekers and recruiters a place to meet. Our website is updated daily with the latest jobs in the industry and is a completely free service, as we don’t charge any fee. It’s open to everybody who wants to use our platform.

For recruiters, Aviationjobs.me offers the meeting point of candidates who look for a new job.



This site is provided to help students of aviation schools and flight schools find opportunities in the aviation industry. Whether you are looking for specific airline pilot vacancies or more general information on piloting careers, aviation schools, pilot interviews, type rating requirements, pilot salaries and airlines, this website can help.

Coverage of airline pilot opportunities is provided for many airlines and flight schools, and you can search by aircraft type if you have a type rating and are looking for specific pilot employment opportunities.

AviationCV.com is a global provider of aviation specialist resourcing solutions for airlines, MRO providers and other industry players. The company has its own vast database of flight crew members, aircraft engineers and other aviation specialists aimed at meeting short and long term HR needs of the global aviation industry. AviationCV.com team provides comprehensive support to both companies and professionals in mutually beneficial business relations in the shortest time and the most effective way possible.