Just Planes

AER LINGUS Cockpit Airbus A330 to San Francisco

25 Years of Just Planes in 2 mins!

Airbus A350XWB Cockpit Film

A320 Cockpit to Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan & Saudi Arabia

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AIR FRANCE Airbus A380

Icelandair 767-300 Cockpit with Captain Ingvar

Steep Approach Jet into London City Airport

Malaysia Airlines A380 Landing at Heathrow

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MASKargo - Ait Atlanta 747-200 Cockpit


Airbus A380 Night Takeoff from London Heathrow

BOEING 737 Touchdown in BOSTON - Pilotsview

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INNSBRUCK - One of Europe's Most Dramatic Approaches!

Piloting the Boeing 747-8 out of LAX

Runway Ahead - Airbus Pilotsview Paris Takeoff

Maria Fernanda's landing at Mex City

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Sabrina makes perfect Airbus landing!

Christine's Stunning Night Landing!

Maria's Love for Aviation + Tips for Female Pilots

Fiona pilots Aer Lingus A330 out of San Francisco

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CONDOR Cockpit 757-300 to Extreme Airport FUNCHAL! (8 cameras)

MALAYSIA AIRLINES Airbus A380 Cockpit!

Boeing 747-8 Flightdeck LAX-O'Hare-Schiphol

Beautiful SYDNEY AIRPORT views incl A380, 747, 787

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Great MIAMI Runway Action by JustPlanes

Paola lands Boeing 747 at Almaty!

Bethania's Stunning Approach into RIO!!

First Officer Laufey flies the Boeing 757 out of Iceland

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Jennifer Takeoff from Galway Cockpit ATR

Evelina Landing E-190 at Berlin TXL

Norwegian 737-800 Cockpit "Caribbean Ops"

Norwegian 737-800 to the "Top of the World"

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NORWEGIAN 787 Flightdeck to Los Angeles

Awesome A340 Cockpit Flight to St Maarten!

AeroMexico 737 with Maria Fernanda

LAX "Super Heavy" 2015

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ANCHORAGE "Heavy Freighters"

JFK Airport HEAVIES 2015


AUCKLAND by justplanes.com

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AIR CANADA Cockpit 777-200LR "POLAR OPS"

SWISS Flightdeck Airbus A340 to San Francisco

Boeing 777 Cockpit to DUBAI & HONG KONG

Icelandair Boeing 757, This Is Aviation!

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SAS Cockpit A340 to Washington

Fantastic 747 Dawn Approach into Hong Kong!

Collapsed A300 at Dakar (AOM MD80 Landing)

Pilotsview 777 into Dubai Airport Runway 12L

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One of the World's Most Dangerous Takeoffs!

747s + St Maarten = MUST SEE!!

Cargolux - Air Atlanta 747-400

Simone lands her B737-800 at Helsinki

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Piloting the Boeing 777-200LR out of DUBAI

Wet Takeoff - UPS Airbus A300

Piloting the complex approach into FUNCHAL

High Terrain & Landing at PESHAWAR PAKISTAN

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Piloting the Boeing 767 to Africa

With Any Luck this is Denver!

KLM MD11s in Action at Schiphol

Touchdown in Oslo - Dornier 328JET Cockpit

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Not Epic or Stunning but just COOL (KLM 777)

AIRBUS A380 at JFK (Best Clip Compilation)


Bad Weather into London Heathrow (1999)

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KLM 1827 - Autoland in Berlin (2001)

When the Queen was King at Frankfurt (2000)

Beautiful Helicopter GoPro Views in Faroe Isl.

Ilyushins, Tupolevs & Yakovlev at Beijing (2001)

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LTU A330 COCKPIT Dusseldorf to Beijing (2004)

Sucre, Bolivia. High Altitude Difficult Airport (Now Closed)

Piloting the IceAir 767 out of Schiphol

Beautiful Sunset Landing in the Arctic (C-130)