Helecopter Training

180 autos, slopes, running landings

Autos, off airport, steep approach,

Simulated engine failures, max

Night cross country, reporting fire

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Helecopter training: Off airport, autos, max performance

Helecopter training: Single magneto, governor off takeoff

Cross country navigataion to 4 different airports

Max performance takeoff, off airport landing, 180 auto

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Helecopter training: 180 autos, pirouettes, running landings,

Avionics problems, autorotations & towered airport operations.

Towered (Class D) airport and running landings

Helecopter training: 1st Solo flight and demo of steep approach

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Demo of RPM decay, how correlator works, governor off in hover..

1st autorotation to flare, slopes, governor malfunctions...

Governor off, Low RPM, Simulated engine failures, Hover Autos...

Governor off, Autorotations, Hover Autos, Air Taxi, Quickstops...

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Autorotation, Hover Autos (camera down), Air Taxi, Quickstop

Low G, SWP, Autorotations, Hover Autos, Air taxi & Quick stops...

Autorotation entry, new airport, hover autos...

First autorotation entry and recovery at altitude

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Flight to new airport, ALT & Turbulence EPs & Running Landing, etc

Autorotation entry, Hover autos, Vortex Ring State & more

Zero-Speed Autorotation with 360 degree turn

Helecopter training: Ground Reference Maneuvers - Orbits

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Ground Reference Maneuvers - Rectangles (and Level Turns)

Take offs, Approaches & Ground Reference Maneuvers

Cruise Trim or Cyclic Right Trim in R22 Helicopter

Helecopter training: Max Glide Autorotation

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Loss of Tail Rotor or Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness (LTE) in Hover

Helecopter training: Loss of Tail Rotor in Forward Flight

Helecopter training: Stuck Right Pedal - Helicopter Flight Maneuvers

Helecopter training: Stuck Left Pedal - Helicopter Flight Maneuvers

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Air Taxi, Quick Stop (Rapid Deceleration), LTE, Hovering & Patterns

Camera facing down over controls - pickup/setdown, hover & patterns

Helicopter Training: More Hover Training, Approaches & Patterns

Confined Area Off Airport - Helicopter Flight Maneuvers

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