Grading and Assessments

Aviation Insider can offer you and your clients Simulator Assessment and Grading programs. Finding and hiring the right pilots for your airline is one of the key elements to success. The operational environment for pilots is more complex than ever. So it is important to be successful in hiring the right staff and failure to do so will have a negative result on the operation, leading to both extra costs and extra efforts. Aviation Insider has extensive experience and has a proven track record in selecting the right pilots for airlines. Our Instructors and Examiners are all current airline pilots and have been in the industry for decades. This will ensure that during the Assessment and Grading program the qualities of the pilots are known in detail, personality, ability as well as human factors are concerned, as is required in a modern airline environment.

Since our program is designed to select (future) captains we are able to ensure, that the career path of the pilot will be the right match for your airline. We are able to adjust the program to the specific needs of your airline or company and we welcome your participation in this process. Aviation Insider offers a structured and efficient program, allowing you to be assured of having selected the right candidates to fly your aircraft.

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