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At Aviation Insider we offer engaging and exciting courses, designed to equip your team with the skills of decision making, workload and resource management, situational awareness and co-operation

Aviation leads the world in areas of non-technical skills. If your business works within a fast-paced, pressured environment, then our course is for you. We offer an insight into how humans react to extreme pressure and demonstrate how to work together effectively towards a common goal. Our ultra-realistic, full-motion simulators are normally used by airlines for the rigorous process of pilot training and checking

Throughout the day, you will be guided by experienced airline training Captains. You will apply what you have learned, to operate the aircraft as a crew. Work together to complete a safe takeoff, perform manoeuvres in the air, and successfully land a huge airliner. We would be happy to tailor our course to suit your specific business needs.

The course at a glance and what you take away.

People make decisions, and people are fallible. So how can we make the best decisions in a particular situation given the resources and information available? Crew resource management techniques designed for the space and aviation industry can help. Some think of decision making as a logical, well-defined process and teach it that way in management courses and elsewhere. Decisions are often poor choices made for expediency or out of ignorance of alternatives. Evidence shows that decision making is not a precise, objective activity but is influenced by bias, poor judgement, and misconception.

Time limited, high risk and complex decisions require an acceptance that as humans we are fallible and we need to be aware of what these flaws are so that we can mitigate against them. Our courses introduce managers to Crew Resource management and decision making frameworks. We demonstrate how we make difficult, complex decisions by enabling clients to get onto the flight deck and experience this process first hand.  To achieve this in a safe environment we use multi-million-pound flight simulators which are used to train commercial pilots.

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The Aircraft: Airbus a320

All simulator experiences are on our state of the art Airbus A320 simulator. The Airbus A320 is the most common airliner in use at the moment, with one taking-off somewhere in the world every 2.5 seconds.

The Location:

Corporate days are conducted at our Gatwick Facility

The course at a glance and what you take away.

2 person

Price: £2200
• Simulator briefing
• 1hr multi-crew simulator session

8 person

Price: £4000
• Simulator briefing
• 4hr multi-crew simulator session

16 person

Price: £7500
• Simulator briefing
• 8hr multi-crew simulator session

All Courses come with:

• Crew Resource management course
• Crucial skills for your business
• Unforgettable experience

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