How to Apply

Becoming a cabin crew

Becoming a cabin crew or flight attendant can be an absolute dream job. However, this isn’t a job for everyone.

The reasons for a career as a cabin crew are endless. You enjoy dealing with all kinds of people, discovering new cultures, speaking different languages and working flexible hours. 

Even though the cabin crew profession has existed for decades there are still many questions and doubts concerning the job above the clouds. Are you lying at the beach the whole day, or are you actually lying in your own bed every night? Do you still have time to meet friends and family, or have your colleague’s become your friends? Is this a career for just a few years or actually fly until you retire?

The answers to these questions depend on the airline you are working for. A difference can be made between airlines where you always return to your home after a day of flying, or airlines where you stay at a hotel after your working day.

How to Apply

Go to the Airlines website that’s right for you and see what vacancies are available. Most airlines do not accept paper applications so ensure you have access to a computer.

Application process

Airlines will want to find out more about you, your skills and your potential. Most airlines have a few requirements you need to meet. Below is an example.

  • Aged 18 or over
  • Height 5’3” (160cm) to 6’3” (190cm)
  • Fit and able to pass a medical assessment and eye test
  • Able to swim 25m without assistance
  • Fluent in English (spoken and written)
  • Live within 90 minutes
  • A confident communicator experienced and dealing with customers face-to-face
  • No visible tattoos or body piercings that can’t be covered discreetly
  • A good standard of education and verifiable five-year activity history

Application information

There are two ways you are likely to be asked for information.

1.   Motivational Questions

This type question will ask for your view on things like your suitability for the role, what motivates you, what your strengths are…. The standard type of questions you would expect to see in the recruitment process.

2.   Competency Based questions

This one is looking for Evidence of what you have done in the past. They will be phrased in a way as ‘can you provide an example of a time when… .’ ‘Can you describe when you have ‘Please detail an occasion when…’ You need to think of your experience and then detail an example of when you have demonstrated the behaviour or approach that they are looking for. This might be ‘Safety related…’ ‘Team work..’ or ‘good communication skills’ or ‘being able to solve problems.’

Cabin Crew Application Tips

  • Think about examples that you are proud, ones that have perhaps helped others, ones where you’ve made a difference, think of examples like that and include this in your application.
  • Think about what the airline will value most (using the job description guide). Make yourself stand out.
  • Think of anything (appropriate!) interesting or unusual information you can include to make yourself stand out.
  • Try not just use the first answer that comes to your mind do a few drafts to make sure you are using your best personal examples.
  • Get someone else to read it and give you feedback.