Aviation Skills Partnership

About Aviation Skills Partnership

We want to show the world that flying isn’t just a dream, it can be an aspiration, it can be a tangible goal, it can be just a qualification away. We’ll break down the barriers between you and your dream job. 

We will guide you through training programmes, degree courses, and whatever else it takes. You bring the hard work and determination, we’ll bring the advice, resources, connections, and support. No matter where you come from or where you want to go, we’ll find the pathway that’s right for you. 

We work across every area of aviation, visit the ‘Aviation Careers’ section to find out about all the different career pathways we offer.

Who ASP work with:

We work with four main audiences to deliver our manifesto across the regions:

  • Aviation employers/industry
  • People / parents
  • Educators/trainers
  • Government/regulators

Our Pathways deliver full integration of regulatory and education elements for the six areas of Aviation throughout the education and training route. At ASP, we are continuously working on opening up the Aviation industry to all those who want to be involved.


To help, we have created a unique aviator pathway programme to a job as a professional pilot, making your wish to work on the flight deck, come true!  ASP Aviator is only available through ASP. ASP Aviator offers you accessible programmes and progression support from your first aspiration to starting and developing your career. We are working with selected Approved Training Organisations and selected Universities in conjunction with schools, colleges etc to help you create your pathway to becoming a pilot.

The unique practice-based degree schemes are already running with the following Approved Training Organisations and Universities, all utilizing the unique common Framework that ASP designed for Industry back in 2011 (more are in the planning stage for launch in 2018 – enquire for details:

Existing Pilots

Current professional pilots can gain professional recognition via a BSc(Hons) Professional Practice in Advanced Pilot Aviation work-based degree. The programme is specifically designed to enable practising pilots to gain recognition and academic credit for their prior professional learning and Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)

Aspiring Pilots

Our Aspiring Pilot Pathway offers you accessible programmes and progression support from your first application to starting and developing your career with an airline or helicopter operator. 

We are working with selected approved training organisations, universities, schools, and colleges, to help you find your pathway to becoming a pilot.