Pilot Aptitude Tests

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Cabin Crew Aptitude Tests

Engineering Aptitude Tests

 Engineering is a technical profession, so the style of aptitude test you will experience will necessarily be technical in nature. However, you are often expected to also sit the more traditional reasoning tests including numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning. 

There are several categories of aptitude test that are designed to measure technical skills. Mechanical reasoning, spatial reasoning, and diagrammatic reasoning are just some of the more specialized tests. Fault diagnosis is another test commonly found in an engineering battery of tests. Numerical reasoning is seen as an important test for many engineering employers as they look for evidence that you can identify the important elements of numerical data and pick it out.

Air Traffic Controller Aptitude Tests

How to become an Air Traffic Controller?

In the UK, Air Traffic Controller’s (ATCO) licenses are issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Candidates must first undergo initial training to become a Student ATC, followed by unit training leading to the full ATC license.

Applicants for a Student ATCO license must be at least 18 years of age, hold at least one GSCE level pass (or equivalent), and have at least ICAO level 4 English. They also need any educational qualification that may gain them access to university or a similar educational institution. Applicants without the required qualifications may still be accepted if experience or other evidence suggests a good prospect of completing training successfully.

Royal Air Force Aptitude Tests

Royal Air Force candidates for Airman/Airwoman, Aerospace Battle Manager, Air Traffic Controller, Air Traffic Control Officer, Weapons Systems Operator, and the RAF Regiment are asked to sit the Airmen/Airwomen Selection Test, also known as AST. This test is administered at a local Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO). The results of this test affect the preferences and positions each candidate can be offered in the RAF.

The AST is not the only aptitude test candidates take as part of the recruitment process. Many applicants, including Officers, Non-Commissioned Aircrew, and Non-Commissioned Air Traffic Controllers candidates, also attend a series of aptitude tests at the Officers and Aircrew Selection Centre (OASC) at RAF Cranwell.

The AST is designed to test a range of skills, some of which you may possess more than others.