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These study guides offer an in-depth system knowledge, Technical notes, and also tips on how to fly different scenarios and procedures in each aircraft. Developed by airline pilots, It is packed with detailed diagrams and useful information to prepare any candidate for command and responsibility of the Airbus A320 or Boeing 737.

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This A320 Study guide covers every essential system. The data is compiled from many manufacturer and airline sources. This is a technical document designed to enhance and supplement aircraft manuals for the Airbus aircraft for airline pilots who have or are anticipating attending their airline’s training for qualification on the A319/320 aircraft. We also offer the number a320 type rating question bank designed to help you pass your type rating written test as well as refresh your type rating knowledge. Sold separately here.

This Study Guide is a compilation of notes taken from flight manuals, pilot experience and also includes elements taken from class notes and computer-based training. It is intended for initial qualification cadets, and also for systems review prior to recurrent training or check rides. The guide looks at each system in turn, with the aid of diagrams and schematics, placing each system component in context. It collates information from many different sources and displays them in a way where you the user will understand it most effectively.

The Dash 8 Q400 Revision notes Guide is for pilots looking to familiarize themselves with the locations and functionalities of all the Dash 8 Q400 cockpit controls, indicators as well as key facts and figures. Besides the comprehensive coverage of the Dash 8 Q400 systems, why not try the Dash 8 Q400 Type rating question bank It has over 300 questions on each system for you to practice and makes a great addition to the Dash 8 Q 400 revision notes.

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