Air Traffic Control

An introduction to Air Traffic Control

Discovery - Understanding air traffic control

Your Flight In Their Hands - Aviation Documentary

What is Air Traffic Control?

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How Do We Monitor All The Planes In The Sky?

Next generation air-traffic management system "DREAMS"

Heart of Heathrow: Inside the Control Tower

What goes on in the tower at Schiphol besides air traffic control?

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BBC Visits Swanwick Air Traffic Control

Behind the scenes at Swanwick Terminal Control

The Swanwick London Terminal Control room 360

Jersey Air Traffic Control - What they do

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Trackwise - Targeting Risk Within The Shanwick OCA - Complete Video

Day in the Life: Air Traffic Controller 12.05.10

Dave Marshall, Head of Training at NATS Heathrow

What does it take to train as an air traffic controller

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The Shanwick Oceanic Operation - An Overview

Shanwick Oceanic - Emergencies Overview

Is air traffic control the most stressful job in the world?

Air traffic control in Europe

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