Why Choose Airline Mortgage Shop?

  • Great deals for airline staff that simply aren’t available anywhere else
  • Advice across 11,000 different mortgage products from over 90 lenders, this allows Airline mortgage shop to offer you the right advice to suit your needs!
  • High quality service – no obligation mortgage advice
  • Airline Mortgage Shop is one of the largest specialist broker for Aviation staff in the UK.

You might expect that tailored deals would only apply to a small section of the marketplace, but at Airline Mortgage Shop we provide access to the mortgage market, with over 90 leading UK lenders to choose from.

Not just to airline staff, but to their family members too, using a most suitable mortgage advice policy that does away with generic observations and treats every customer as an individual.

Get in touch with Airline Mortgage Shop: Chick here to make an Appointment

Mortgages Tailored for Airline Staff

When it comes to mortgages, sometimes generic or catch all advice just isn’t up to the job. At the Airline Mortgage Shop we deal exclusively with mortgages for airline staff, which means we know the specific traps, pitfalls and tricks on the way to the most suitable deal.

  • First hand experience of the pressures and needs of flight crew, cabin crew and ground staff, and are dedicated to finding the most suitable mortgage for you.
  • We’ll never ignore the allowances, deductions and specialist payments unique to aviation staff.
  • A reputation for helping aviation professionals and their families find the most suitable deals on the market for them.
  • Mortgage advice which is honest, straightforward and without obligation, with none of the hidden fees you might find with other mortgage advice services.

If you need good advice that takes into account everything about your profession within the aviation industry, call 0300 303 2700 now to get started.

Mortgage Calculator for Airline Staff & Families

How much can I afford? How much will Stamp Duty be? What are the Monthly Payments going to be?

We have provided an easy-to-use Mortgage Affordability Calculator to help you answer all of these questions. You’ll just need to enter your total Annual Gross Income and your likely Deposit Amount in £’s and the calculator will immediately show you an illustration: Mortgage Value estimate, Recommended House Price and Stamp Duty amount.

We’ll also show you extra information such as the estimated monthly payments and the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio (one of the key factors that lenders look at when qualifying borrowers for a mortgage).

The calculator is for Illustration purposes only and is not to be used or considered as financial advice or a mortgage quote. For expert mortgage advice – come and see us or give us a call. When it comes to getting a mortgage your pay structure can be very important when dealing with the lenders.  Once you have looked at our mortgage calculator – please get in touch so that we can take into account your personal circumstances and get the mortgage deal that is best suited to your current and future needs.


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