1. Hopper tells you when to book your flight to maximize savings.

2. Pack Simply lets you design a custom TSA-approved travel kit for cheap and ship it straight to your door.

3. Overnight helps you find a place to crash last-minute.

4. Away’s luggage charges your phone while you wait for your flight.

5. Lola is like having a travel agent in your pocket.

6. The Infatuation is your cool friend who knows all the best restaurants.

7. G. Spotting is a curated travel directory from Gwyneth Paltrow herself.

8. Skybuds wireless earbuds will eliminate tangled cords while you travel.

9. The popular game “Ballz” will alleviate airport boredom.

10. VSCO will make your vacation photos look professionally shot and Instagram-ready.

11. Mophie’s Powerstation saves you from hunting for an outlet.

12. Google Maps lets you create and share a list of recommendations within the app.

13. Tab makes it easier than ever to split the bill.

14. Turo is like Airbnb but for renting cars.

15. The Light Phone lets you enjoy experiences without being distracted by your smartphone.

16. Dufl wants to eliminate the pain of packing.


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