1. They’ve been everywhere

One bonus when dating a flight attendant is that you are unlikely to be stuck for holiday advice. Air hostesses tend to know the best ‘hidden-away’ destinations as well as the best way to get there.

2.  You would have a personal tour guide

If you’ve always wanted to see the world, a flight attendant will make an excellent travel buddy and tour guide. Flight attendants have free or low-cost standby flight benefits to most destinations. Want a spontaneous weekend in Boston or Seattle? There is no problem.

3. They get the best deals

While you won’t want to be too obvious about this one, cheaper flights are one of the perks when working for an airline.

4. They know how to listen

Having a patient and attentive temperament is a must for someone working on an airplane, so chances are that they’ll be a good listener.

5. They’re family oriented

People who fly the friendly skies for a living spend a lot of time away from home, so they’re very appreciative of a familiar face and an intimate evening at home when down time finally arrives.

6. They’re balance keepers

Flight attendants are trained to stay calm in an emergency and prevent panic in others, skills that come in handy during any conflict in your relationship.

7. They keep calm in a crisis

Keeping a plane load of people happy when you’re five miles in the air needs a steady hand and a cool head, so chances are they’ll be hard to faze in an emergency.

8. They’re well presented

Have you ever seen a scruffy flight attendant? We certainly haven’t!

 9. They’re efficient, punctual, and organized

Flight attendants are trained to be efficient, punctual, and organized—admirable qualities in a dating partner, especially if you’ve dated irresponsible, unreliable people in the past.

10. They’re busy

While the long hours can be tough, it does give you plenty of time to yourself. This can let you enjoy your hobbies in your own time and it makes it all the sweeter when you do see them.

11. They know all the secrets

Ever wanted the inside scoop about upgrades and getting that extra glass of bubbly on your trip? Well these are the people to ask.

12. Your adventure buddy

Someone who chooses to become a flight attendant has a proven sense of adventure. He or she is unlikely to be the wet blanket at a party—or in a relationship.


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