Is being Cabin Crew a glamorous job or not?

In reality, a job as crew is not as glamorous as people first believe. Don’t get me wrong there is definitely some glamour to it when you’re sat in a 5* hotel or when you’re sipping a cocktail in the sun on a Monday morning whilst your friends are at the office but the nitty gritty of the job can be most unglamorous. When you’re collecting in customers half eaten meals at what would be 6am at home with half the meal service spilt down your front and huge bags under your eyes from a serious lack of sleep you do see the unglamorous side. There are parts that are glamorous. You get the opportunity to travel the world and where designer uniforms however be prepared for the not so good parts long hours, cleaning up sick and you have permanent jet-lag.

Do you get loads of time off?

This tends to vary on your schedule. For us the minimum days off is 9 per month but I have to say the majority of months I do get more than this. Along with this, for long-haul layovers you tend to get at least 24 hours in the destination which can feel like another day off. I wouldn’t say we get ‘loads’ of days off but I do feel like I get more than if I were to do a 9-5, Monday-Friday role. You get more leave and a lot more days off then any other job but you have to have in mind working unsociable hours, weekends and holiday periods such as Christmas. There are strict regulations as to how many hours you can work.

Is safety a key aspect of your training?

100%. Our main role on the aircraft is the safety of our passengers and the aircraft so it is a key focus of the training. You’ll be trained in safety and security, fire drills and medical situations. Many of these aspects you hope to never have to use at work but if the situation were to come about you need to be fully prepared and trained.

Do cabin crew remain cool, calm and collected in an emergency?

No one will ever know how they will react in an emergency until they are put in that situation, however, the training you receive as crew will definitely help you to be prepared in such situations which will ultimately help you to remain calm. The customers will be looking to us for answers so if we remain calm so will they. Yes you are trained for all different emergency situations and your training kicks in and if you ever find yourself in a situation you just remind yourself that you’re not on your own and you’re part of a team. 

Did you often encounter troublesome passengers?

I can’t say I have encountered many troublesome passengers at all. I have been flying a year now and have only ever been on one flight where a passenger has received a warning from the flight crew for aggressive and unacceptable behaviour and this did the trick to settle them down.

Any hairy moments when flying?

Again, I have been lucky in my flying career so far (touch wood this continues) and have not experienced any hairy moments. I have of course had medical situations on board but this is relatively common, particularly on long haul flights.

Do you get to choose which part of the plane you work in?

I do always have the option to email my manager prior to the flight to request a working position however these cannot always be granted as the manager will want to spread the experience around the aircraft equally. A lot of the time they do try to place you in your requested position if it is possible.

Do cabin crew do any of the cooking on board or is it all pre-prepared food which is reheated?

All our meals at BA are pre-prepared and reheated so no cooking as such is required.

What are the perks of being cabin crew?

The main perk for me is the travel. I have been to so may destinations in the past year that I doubt I would have visited in 5 years without this job. Along with this, I enjoy the lack of routine the job gives you, no day will ever be the same. Also, working with different people every flight is a great aspect of the job- I’ve met so many amazing people!

Is there a lot of partying that goes on?

This is a bit of a myth to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of opportunity to party and I have had some amazing nights out in amazing places like Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney but a lot of the time I’m too tired to party after a flight! Sometimes nothing appeals to me more after a 17 hour day than a nice bath and a comfy hotel bed.

What is the best and the worst part of the job?

For me the best and the worst parts of the job are one and the same. I love that I don’t have a routine to my life and that one week I can be in Abu Dhabi and the next I’ll be in Johannesburg. However, this is also the worst part of the job too. It makes planning anything with friends and family extremely difficult and it can be lonely at times. But for me, the travel and the opportunities I have outweigh this!


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