Rise and Shine

You need to report for duty approximately 2 Hours (Airlines vary) before your flight to have enough time for preparation before it is time to meet the passengers.

You wake up, get dressed and made up and ensure you look impeccable before you report. Whether its 3 in the morning or 12 in the afternoon there is no excuse for not looking your best! (Remember you are representing the airline and all eyes are on you).

The briefing

The Pre-flight brief is the first meeting time for all crew meeting on the specific flight.

The team gathers approximately 1hour before the flight departs (This differs in every airline) to gather information regarding the inflight service sets expectations and assigns working positions for each crew member.

The Senior Cabin manger asks a series of Safety related, and first aid scenarios to test your Knowledge and specific flight information (any special requests, special handling passengers, etc.) and service.

In major airlines, it often happens that you meet crew during every single flight and rarely get to see a familiar face of a crew you have flown with before.

On to the aircraft

Moving on to the airplane, you will start your assigned duties, conduct safety and security checks (make sure all safety equipment is in order and to ensure no foreign object has been placed on the aircraft) and help each other on service related preparations.

Time to get started!

During boarding, you will be standing in the cabin, welcoming passengers on board the aircraft and helping them locate their seats and store cabin baggage quickly to maintain a smooth flow for all passengers boarding.

Boarding completed, cabin crew prepare for takeoff!

When all passengers are on, you will close the doors and then you are ready to rock and roll!

After take-off, you will start a food and beverage service ( all airlines have a different service type) together with all crew you will participate according to your working positions and what you have planned in the pre-flight briefing.

On long haul flights, you will take rest in shifts and while half the team are sleeping or relaxing the other half of the team is looking after the welfare of passengers and ensuring the cabin, galleys and lavatories are secure, clean and tidy.

During very busy flights, you might have to play the role of a nanny, a nurse, a lawyer and so much more……..

Welcome to your Destination!

When the flight is over, you will say goodbye to your passengers and conduct the post- flight security check to ensure nothing is left behind ( Some airlines have cleaners mainly long -haul and some require the crew to clean the aircraft).

Airlines vary depending length of flight and destination.

Some airlines stay overnight to rest in a hotel and others fly back home and start the whole process again where you will arrive back to the airport you departed from and get to stay in your own home and bed..

Each and every flight will bring about a new team of people, a new aircraft to fly on, a new destination and completely different passengers every single time.

You will build friendships that will last a lifetime and will explore places you only dreamt of visiting while also getting paid for the journey.

You will build a career and will enjoy experiences that no other job can offer.

The opportunities for future career paths are endless.

No matter how grumpy your passengers are, how tiring your roster is or how tough the ride gets, always smile and remember how dynamic, rewarding and amazing our jobs.





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