Aviation Insider is one of the UK’s leading independent training providers aimed at delivering quality career preparation. Everything is provided by current airline pilots; the only people who know the profession and most importantly how it feels to go through the airline recruitment and training process. Our trainers and instructors have decades of experiences, detailed knowledge of the current pilot market and airline training footprint.


Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation

Our professional, one-to-one simulator assessment preparation sessions are designed to give you the best possible chance of passing the simulator check. We are here to help you and give you all the support you need to prepare. Our Airline Assessment Preparation Sessions will be as close to your real assessment experience as possible.

License Revalidation

Aviation Insider specialises in refresher training and preparation for license revalidation. Prepare for your LPC/OPC or LOE sim check, in a professional and structured environment. We have a substantial fleet of simulators, covering many aircraft types. All of our simulators are level D certified.


ATPL Upgrade/ Unfreezing

As long as you are current on your specific aircraft type Aviation Insider and its examiners are able to help you unfreeze your license. All of our simulators are level D certified and full motion. We have a dedicated team of experienced TREs who are committed to your success and who pride themselves on attention to detail.

Interview & CV Preparation

Aviation Insider has a great relationship with AirlinePrep and offer clients industry leading Interview, CV and group exercise preparation tailored to any airline. Whether you have already passed the Pilot Aptitude Tests or you only need to complete the final Airline or Cadet pilot interview, AirlinePrep is for you!

Airline Prep